Small businesses are feeling the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic more than many, and the survival and revival of our communities will be based on how local businesses weather the storm. Fit Food Fresh is fully aware of the importance of local business and they’ve taken action to use their position to help our community in this time of need. From donating meals to high-risk residents to featuring local restaurants on their menus, their strategy is to reach out while so many are forced to stay in and afraid to risk exposure at the grocery store just to be left with empty shelves. 

Fit Food Fresh Founders Stephen Kaiser and Casey Cochran were both born and raised in Palm Beach county and said they feel obligated to help however they can. “We owe everything to our community, as soon as we learned we’d be able to stay open, we knew we had a responsibility to help. We feel like we were fortunate enough to land in a life raft, so now we’ve got to help get others out of the water.” 

Along with donating over 600 meals to high-risk residents and charities, Fit Food Fresh has pledged to donate a meal for every order they receive. They’ve also created a menu item that allows members to get involved (from a safe distance) by purchasing 3 meals for neighbors in need for just $10. “Our goal is 1,000 meals next week. We’ve got the right team behind us and we’ve had help from some amazing people who’ve helped us get meals to people who need them.”

Aside from increased sanitation protocol (on top of a phenomenal health inspection record), Fit Food Fresh has implemented high-risk member identification so they can have an extra eye on members who are even more dependent on their services than the average population. “We’re the retiree capital of the planet, so we’ve got a lot of older members who don’t have family locally to help. We note and track our high-risk members to make sure their orders and deliveries are flawless and they don’t have to worry about shopping and cooking.”

By coming together, local businesses and community members are making some amazing things happen, and it’s important that we support them however we can. From supporting them with your purchases to sharing posts on social media, local businesses need everything we can give them so they can survive and help maintain and rebuild our sense of normalcy. In a time when so many are in need, giving is more important and impactful than ever.

If you or someone you know in would benefit from the services of Fit Food Fresh, you can find them at or reach them at or 561.430.5208

Use coupon AGUYONCLAMATIS for 20% off your first order of 10 meals or more. (note: aguyonclematis is not benefiting in any way from this offer)