West Palm Beach businesses impacted by COVID-19 will soon get a boost from the City of West Palm Beach. Last night, Mayor Keith A. James and City Commissioners reviewed a marketing campaign to support local restaurants and shops. Additionally, Commissioners unanimously (4-0) approved a resolution creating an economic recovery fund to provide financial assistance to businesses adversely affected by COVID-19.

The marketing campaign, originating in the City’s Department of Economic Development, aims to encourage residents to support local businesses from the comfort of their own home while maintaining social distancing. Called “West Palm Eats,” the campaign encourages users to dine and shop from home while supporting their local business community. Residents can expect to start seeing web-based and social media-based ads targeting online users in West Palm Beach and surrounding zip codes. 

Additionally, the City has created a landing page on its website, where residents can locate a list of businesses that are offering pickup and delivery options. To visit: https://www.wpb.org/our-city/west-palm-eats.

Restaurant and business owners are invited and welcome to participate. To be a part of the campaign, please send your business name, web address, and menu to ecodev@wpb.org. (To help us ensure ADA compliance on our website, please provide your menu in Word as we are unable to accept PDF files.)  

A COVID-19 Economic Recovery Fund is now being established by the City of West Palm Beach. Last night, Commissioners approved setting aside $259,000 to be used to help small businesses in the form of short-term micro-loans of $10,000 or less. The funds will be allocated through a local community bank where the terms and conditions will be defined. Additional details will soon follow on how to apply for this assistance.

“We know that many business owners, employees and residents are suffering greatly right now as a result of COVID-19,” said Mayor Keith A. James. “Beyond its health impacts, COVID-19’s economic impacts are being felt throughout our city. We are committed to doing everything we can to support our local business community. The establishment of a marketing campaign and recovery fund are two of the ways the City of West Palm Beach is rising to that challenge.”

“The pandemic is requiring all levels of government to come forward with resources and assistance to help our community and work together with our local businesses to ensure that all come out stronger after these difficult times pass,” said Economic Development Director Christopher Roog. 

Restaurants nationwide are urging people to participate in The Great American Takeout on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 to support the restaurant industry.