10 Things to LOVE about the Best Farmers Market in the US!

West Palm Beach Green Market

The West Palm Beach Green Market is back for it’s 28th season. One thing is different – the world finally knows what West Palm Beach residents have know for 28 years.

West Palm Beach has the best in Farmers Market in the US.

Yes, we are now the two-time consecutive winner of USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Best Farmers Market in the US.

This year the Green Market has extended to include over 110 vendors. Many of our favorites are back, and we get to meet a lot of new ones.

The Green Market is on Saturday from 9am – 1pm and this season goes through April 15th, 2023.

Make sure you read all the way to the end to find out why I’m rappelling off the top on Phillips Point during the Green Market this Saturday the 15th of October. Learn more and donate to my campaign here.

Here are my top 10 things to LOVE about our Green Market

1. World Class Location

The West Palm Beach Green Market is right where all the action. Right in the heart of the West Palm Beach waterfront.

All downtown residents can grab their dogs, and walk down to the market. If you live North or South you can jump on your bike for a 4 mile cruise.

West Palm Beach’s Waterfront Green

2. Free Parking*

If you have to park, parking is the easiest It’s ever been.

During the Green Market (9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.) parking at the City Center, Clematis Street and Sapodilla Garages. *Parking is not free at the Banyan or Evernia Garages.

If you come early, stay late, or park at Banyan or Evernia you’ll be charged a flat $5.00 daily fee.

My suggestion is to show up as soon after 9am as possible and Park in the City Center garage.

3. Extended down Clematis Street

The Antique Flea Market takes place at the same time as the West Palm Beach Green Market.

In previous years it took place on the 300 block of Clematis Street, but with extended vendors it has now stretched into onto the City Center on the 400 block.

Salento, our local Colombian coffee shop, just moved into the space inside the West Palm Beach City Library and are taking full advantage of the people brought to their door by the extended Flea Market. They have transformed their outdoor space into a Latin party complete with live music and dancing to be enjoyed with some delicious Colombian coffee and sweet treats.

So if you parked (for free) on the 300 block all you need to do is come down and you’ll be right at the Antique Flea Market.

Vendors outside of the City Center
Antique Flea Market on the 300 Block of Clematis Street

The Market has also been extended to the 200 block of Clematis Street.

The mature shade trees that were planted on the 200 and 300 blocks of Clematis Street during the most recent streetscape project provide a beautiful shaded canopy and takes vendors out of the direct sun of the Waterfront Green.

Everyone I talked to LOVED the new changes – and would like to see the market extend even further down the 400 block of Clematis Street.

If you have any suggestions contact Community Events (561-822-1515 and after hours at 561-822-2222) at West Palm Beach City Hall.

4. The People

West Palm Beach is a tight knit – and very youthful community, and the best place to catchup with old friends, or make new ones is the Green Market.

Literally everyone is there!

But it’s not just for the Locals. If you enjoy people watching you’ll find folks from every part of the country.

If you’re lucky you might even bump into a celebrity or two.

Packed at North Clematis St.

5. The Puppies

If you enjoy people watching, you’Il love the dog watching. I promise if there was a reader’s choice award for the Best Dog Show, we would win that as well.

Unlike other local Markets that are not dog friendly (yes, I’m looking at you Palm Beach Gardens) we are VERY dog friendly, and the dogs of the West Palm Beach Green Market are incredible.

Local Legend Bill Bone and Buddah
Selfie time with Whitney “I bought all the things” Woznick and Bella
Golden Retriever puppy cooling down in one of the many waterfront water features.

Note: Swimming in the water features is not a sanctioned activity in the Green Market.

6. The Fresh Produce

Palm Beach County is the highest county in agricultural sales south of the Mississippi, and is in the top 10 agricultural areas in the USA.

Palm Beach County leads the nation in the production of sugarcane, fresh sweet corn, and sweet bell peppers. It leads the State in the production of rice, lettuce, radishes, Chinese vegetables, specialty leaf, and celery.

Palm Beach County

451,375 acres (36%) of Palm Beach County are dedicated to agriculture.

The great thing about Palm Beach County, is that it’s not just big farms, but there are many small family farms operating in this area.

The rich agricultural history of Palm Beach County provides the cornucopia of local produce for our enjoyment.

Some of the local farms include: Tropical Oasis, Okeechobee Farms & Whole Life Foods, Jerry’s Here Farm Fresh, Farmhouse Tomatoes, Inc., Brown Family Farm, Gratitude Garden Farm, Green Queen’s Garden, Bare Roots Organics

We also have all the vendors who either grow their own or buy local produce to create truly unique hand-crafted delicacies that you can literally not find anywhere else.

After a 2 year Bruces Ghost PepperZ is back at the Green Market

7. The Native Plants

The City of West Palm Beach has made a commitment to planting native trees. And the Office of Sustainability is putting their money where there mouth is and is giving away FREE Florida native trees to City of West Palm Beach residents and businesses.

Click here to learn more about West Palm Beach Office of Sustainability

City of West Palm Beach is giving away FREE Florida native trees to City of West Palm Beach residents and businesses.

There are also many vendors who specialize in fruit or other types of trees.

The Palm Beach chapter of the Rare Fruit Council is a not-for-profit that was established in 1970 and is dedicated to promoting and furthering the cultivation and use of tropical and rare fruit in South Florida.

You can visit them online, or see them at the Green Market.

Green Queen’s Garden is a small local tree farm. They have unique native fruit trees for sale and are a great resource for planting native trees & fruit bearing landscaping.

8. The Bike Valet

The Bike Valet is a very innovative idea which is sponsored by the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, and loved by the community and visitors alike.

The idea is simple, it’s the coat check for bikes. You roll up and hand your bike over to the skilled volunteer staff who will give you a valet ticket and lovingly watch over your bike until you pick it up or 1pm, whichever comes first.

Juan “the king” O’Rellana Valet and DDA Staff at the Bike Valuet
Aaron and DDA Director Raphael Clemente in their stylish Bike Valet swag

9. Breakfast Food Tour!

So you can show up on your bike, and drop it off at the Free Bike Valet, but with 40+ food vendors, how do you know you’re getting the best experience?

The legendary West Palm Beach Food Tour has that taken care of. For $69 you can join the “Mornings in the Market Food Tour” for a 2-hour food tour.

This 2-hour breakfast tour features plenty of tastings from local favorites plus insight into the unique and exotic agriculture of Palm Beach County. Your local expert will guide you thru the labyrinth of vendors, and you’ll feel like a VIP with no waiting in line.

West Palm Beach Food Tours Website.

Some of the stops on the tour are:

  • Havana Restaurant: Taste and learn about Cuban coffee and enjoy a beef empanada
  • Palm Beach Cider Donuts: We’ll skip the line at this popular booth and enjoy a apple cider donut with caramel apple dipping sauce
  • Chikmonk Coffee: You’ll love the story and the coffee
  • Toc Toc Arepas: Bite into our favorite South Florida breakfast sandwich, a Venezuelan staple
  • Chef Luc Authentic French Baked Goods: Meet Chef Luc and enjoy his guava croissant, a nice fusion of French and Cuban
  • Jerry’s Here Farm Fresh: Enjoy fresh made guacamole with the best homemade tortilla chips
  • My Exotic Fruits: Taste and learn about tropical fruits grown in South Florida
  • The Cheese Shoppe: Enjoy a cheese and local honey pairing
  • The Pink Shell: The best conch fritters in town
  • La Gringuita Cookies: Meet this young chef who has a cult following for her cookie creations and enjoy her stuffed El Churro cookie
  • Pistache: Finish the tour inside the beautiful Pistache French restaurant sipping a mimosa

Book your food tour today by clicking right here.

10. The Poblano South Smash Burger

OK last one… I have to shout out Poblano South. I’ve stopped there for the last 2 weeks and their smash burgers are amazing.

Their menu is simple: The Rizo Smash Burger, the Breakfast Sando, and a special. You can have 1 or 2 patties, stack on bacon or a fried egg. Get it on a buttered potato bun or roasted ciabatta.

By far my favorite – you’ve got to try it!

11. (BONUS) Bottomless Mimosas

In case you got all the way down here and were still wondering… yes, there are bottomless Mimosas available at the Tiki Bar.

If you are a fan of craft beers, may I suggest the Bromosa. This Tangerine IPA is brewed by the Big Storm Brewing Co. out of Clearwater. Pairs well with the Rizo Smash Burger.

I’ll see you out there.

12. (Another Bonus) Watch me rappel off Phillips Point

You read that right – on October 15th I’m going Over the Edge to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

Affordable Housing & Home ownership is a crucial start in building wealth. Unfortunately due to limited supply of affordable housing, restricted access to credit and systemic inequities, making this first step is furthest away from those who need it most. Support Habitat for Humanity in their effort to bridge this gap. And watch me jump off a building!

Aaron Wormus

To contribute to my campaign click here.

Watching is free so come on down!

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