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Artist Yinka Shonibare to create a “Wind Sculpture” at 360 Rosemary Office Tower #wpbarts

At a meeting of the West Palm Beach City Commission on July 27, 2020, Commissioners unanimously approved a public/private partnership agreement between the City and Related Companies, LLC for the City’s acceptance of a large-scale sculpture by British Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare, CBE as an addition to the City’s public art collection. The agreement represents the first-ever, large-scale public and private collaboration for a world-renowned artist in West Palm Beach.  

More information at wpb.org

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Stand Up Against Hate on MLK Day

Stand Up Against Hate on MLK Day

In light of the recent violence towards the Jewish community in different parts of our nation it is inspiring to see our local communities join together in this fight against hatred. This service event is open to the public as is the following picnic lunch at Currie...

Help send Eric Jensen to the Arctic!

Help send Eric Jensen to the Arctic!

Fjällräven Polar is an international Polar expedition where "ordinary people" from around the world get selected to guide 200 highly skilled sled dogs through 300km of Arctic wilderness of Sweden and Norway.  Eric Jensen needs our vote to get on the team. Click here...

A walk through Downtown West Palm Beach

A walk through Downtown West Palm Beach

“Thank you very much for riding the Brightline,” the voice says over the train loudspeakers, “have a carefree, car free day.” West Palm Beach "Philosophers" Arriving at West Palm Beach Brightline Station Welcome to Downtown West Palm Beach! I am sure that your trip...

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Help bring a Drive-In Movie Theater to Clematis!

Tired being stuck at home watching Netflix? Well, the restaurateurs and merchants on the 500 Block (which is in the midst of streetscape construction) thought of a clever way to drum up business for their restaurants and entertain you at the same time.

The plan is to have a 50-foot long screen into the empty lot between Clematis Street and Banyan Boulevard and create a Drive-In movie theater on Clematis Street. While keeping you socially distanced in the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle.

You would come for a movie, be able to order food & drinks from any of the restaurants on the 500 block.

Permission has been granted for use of the lot, & funds have been identified to pay for it. All that’s needed is the City of West Palm Beach to give it a thumbs-up.

What I am asking you to do is email to the Mayor & City Commission – Tell them what your favorite movie is and BEG them to allow a Drive-In theater to set up downtown.

To: KJames@wpb.org
CC: clambert@wpb.org, jpeduzzi@wpb.org, cfox@wpb.org, cneering@wpb.org, kshoaf@wpb.org
Subject: Help us bring a Drive-In Theater to Clematis Street

Dear Mayor & Commission,

My favorite movie is _________________ and I would LOVE to watch it at the proposed drive-in movie theater on the 500 block of Clematis.

This great idea will keep our City on the map as the most happening city in Florida while help support our struggling downtown businesses, keeping our residents entertained and help everyone practice social distancing.

Please do everything you can to support this project.

Best regards,
Your Name Here.

Did you send that email off? Ok – now let’s get into details of what this will look like. Here is the site plan:

The circles that are shown on the east side of the lot, closest to the screen are green circles that will be layed out 6-feet apart from each other, which will allow people to bring lawn chairs and watch the movies for free within their own circles.

Cool right?

Photo by Dezeen.com story on New York’s Domino Park.

If this works – we’ll have a drive in movie theater for 3 months which can be extended to a year… and possibly even made a permanent feature?

Has it been done before? Yes! Check out the following article and the hugely popular diner turned drive-in in Queens.

Astoria staple the Bel Aire Diner has quickly become one of the hottest tickets in town — because of a new drive-in theater. The 55-year-old diner launched the movie theater in its parking lot a little more than a week ago, and tickets sell out in minutes, the Wall Street Journal reports. At its most recent event — two Saturday night screenings of the 1993 comedy film the Sandlot — 80 tickets sold out just three minutes after they were released on Friday.

The diner allows 40 cars in its parking lot at a time, and customers can order using the diner’s app or website, according to Gothamist, which first reported on the diner becoming a temporary outdoor theater. Diner staffers then deliver the food to the car based on the license plate. Bel Aire held its first official screening, Dirty Dancing on May 13, shortly after Gov. Andrew Cuomo lifted the ban on outdoor movie theaters. Due to the popularity, the diner owners plan to have two movie screenings each week. The diner will announce movie schedules two weeks in advance and tickets will be sold on the restaurant’s website.

Read full article here.

Thanks for supporting our downtown businesses & I look forward to seeing you at the movies!

Comment from Deputy Chief Rick Morris on Police Action on Clematis Street

Comment from Deputy Chief Rick Morris on Police Action on Clematis Street

#JusticeForFloyd Protesters on Clematis Street (Photo by Zach SmithTweez Photography)

After the West Palm Beach Police Department broke up the #JusticeForFloyd demonstration on Clematis Street, downtown business owner, Rodney Mayo posted the following on his facebook post.

West Palm Beach Deputy Chief of Police for Rick Morris posted the following as a comment on the Engage West Palm Beach facebook group.

If you are looking to find blame in the West Palm Beach Police Department please put it all on me. What started out as a peaceful protest by an estimated 3000 or so people turned into riotous conditions by a few dozen agitators, many from far away communities.

These agitators were well organized and had a plan to turn this peaceful event into anarchy; they advertised their intent on social media.

The West Palm Beach Police Department provided staffing so the event could run smooth and the protesters could share their voice on social injustice. This was at a huge cost to my police budget, which was already exhausted from the COVID 19 virus. (100 additional staff)

The protest was peaceful, the police blocked traffic and even closed I-95 for safety, this caused huge traffic delays throughout the city and in general the I-95 closure caused huge traffic problems throughout all of south Florida. The police had received information that the agitator’s intent was to stop traffic on I-95. Just imagine the fear a citizen would experience with over 3000 people unexpectedly approaching your vehicle and family with masks chanting and screaming while blocking traffic. Again I witnessed a handful of agitators grabbing door handles, kicking cars and even jumped on the hood of a vehicle in an attempt to draw a reaction from police.

My phone rang off the hook with citizen’s complaints on why we the police were allowing road blockage and witnessing clear criminal acts. (Flag Burning, Graffiti and Criminal Mischief).

As it became dark, the peaceful protesters left, I had personal interaction and thanked them for their cooperation.

Police nationwide are disgusted by the incident that occurred in Minnesota, but my officer’s had to stand down, had objects thrown at them, witnessed signs advertising hate and threatened. We know from our training the agitators are trying to provoke a police reaction. The tolerance my officer’s displayed was a much clearer message of support to the protesters than taking a knee.

At darkness the agitators began causing damage, knocking down signs, hitting parking meters with lug wrenches and other acts of criminal mischief, when the agitators began jumping on cars stopped in traffic, police interacted and were forced to use a non-lethal crowd control mechanism, pepper spray. This is what the agitators needed and planned for, conflict.

Rocks began being thrown at police, my cars windows were shattered, I was struck in the ankle by a cracked brick, and I was truly in fear for my officer’s safety. I was disgusted that a couple dozen agitators ruined a peaceful event and forced my officer’s to take action to justify their criminal anarchy.

As planned these agitators now criminals took advantage and began looting businesses all over our city. An emergency curfew was enacted to take the criminals off the street not the peaceful protesters. After warnings to disperse, and the attacks by rocks, bottles and even shots being fired my officers were forced to shoot non-lethal rubber bullets at the rock throwers.

The city survived last night without any reports of serious injury and limited damage and theft, so I praise the officer’s of the West Palm Beach Police Department for their outstanding service and dedication to duty.

To the peaceful protesters I offer my apologies, as it was truly an honor to serve and protect you.