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The Mikey Likes it Show features Local Businesses!

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The Mikey Likes It show is a family affair. Hosted by “Mikey” Michael Persoon (old timers may remember him from Buzz103.1 days), filmed by his wife Melissa, and is co-hosted with occasional walk-on roles by their daughter Eden Rose.

Eden Rose and Mikey at their favorite place in the world, Jupiter Donuts.

The premise is simple: Feature local businesses that Mikey Likes. So far Mikey’s been to Jupiter Donuts, Subculture Coffee and The Burnup Company.

Can’t wait to see where he’s going next.

Episode 1: Jupiter Donuts

The first episode was teased for weeks in advance, as Mikey posted short clips of him eating donuts at the one and only Jupiter Donuts.

Watch the FIRST Episode of The Mikey Likes It Show

In the 7 minute long show Mikey eats donuts, eats a massive cinnamon roll, eats other people’s donuts, begs Eden Rose for a donut, serves donuts, tries the biscuits & gravy, and takes a moment of silence while eating the Hungry Man bagel “double sausage, double bacon, double egg, double cheese”.

Mikey indulging in the Hungry Man bagel

“This has been one of the best days I could ever imagine. I’m at one of my favorite places of all time the only place I could do the first show at. The only place that I could premier the mikey likes it show. Local legends, local restaurant, Jupiter Donuts.”

Episode 2: Subculture Coffee

After coming awakening from the carb-hangover which was the result of filming at Jupiter Donuts, The Mikey Likes it Show came to Clematis Street to shoot an episode with Sean Scott of Subculture Coffee.

Watch the show here

In this episode Mikey does vocal warm up (how now brown cow), then drinks coffee, discusses coffee, learns about the history of coffee (hint: goats discovered it), asks Sean if he owns goats, and then wonders what life would be like if humans never discovered roasting coffee and people just pulled up to a coffee shop to “eat the fruit”. (Note to self: Make sure to record the next conversation I have a with highly caffeinated Mikey)

Sean Scott then get’s into serious coffee talk.

“I am proud of our coffee. Farmers who grow coffee are one of the least compensated. It’s the second most traded commodity in the world beside oil, it’s huge but those who grow it benefit the least from it.

“Traditionally the brokers find coffee and make a ton of money, and the farmers have no idea who is making what and just get 80 cents a pound when we buy it for $15 dollars a pound in the store.

“All our coffee is sourced in a way that allows the farmer to reinvest in the farm. It is very important to me that the way we source coffee is “full spectrum” meaning that from the farmer to us everyone is being fairly treated and compensated. “

Coffee Talk with Sean Scott at Subculture

Mikey comes back to Subculture a couple days later to cook up some pancakes in the Subculture Alley during their “Red, White, & Blueberry” pancake breakfast.

Mikey eating pancakes in the Subculture Alley

Episode 3: The Burn Up Company

The Burnup Company is in the Warehouse District and specializes in selling Vintage Japanese, British, German, and Italian motorcycles (from 1960’s, 1970’s and some select 1980’s models).

Mikey heads in to check out some cool rides. Click here to see what happens!

Mikey checking out the rare 1966 BSA Spitfire Mark 2

After talking about some very cool bikes with David and Vincent the conversations jumps to the Burn Up Company.

“I can describe the Burn Up Company as a dream come true for anyone who appreciates antiques.” Vincent explains “And that not just motorcycles, the motorcycles are a common denominator, but what’s here is so much more. It’s history, it’s art. It’s a place for the community that no matter what you’re into there’s something to enjoy here.”

Eden trying on a retro motorcycle helmet at The Burn Up Company.

Mikey then proceeds to take a ride down S. Dixie Highway and Flagler in what can only be described as the greatest motorcycle montage the City of West Palm Beach has ever seen.


Hold On Mikey!!!