Visit the Unleashed Art Fair 2020 this Saturday

Visit the Unleashed Art Fair 2020 this Saturday

This weekend you can enjoy an unforgettable night bursting with music, exhibitions, live performances, special artist installations, arts & crafts vendors, food trucks, local distilleries and so much more.

​Enjoy the sultry jazz, sassy R&B, Blues and Rock sounds of Antares Band

Since hundreds of people to visit the Unleashed Art Fair at Industry Alley that will benefit Art Synergy , the organizers ask that when and if possible to carpool, ride your bikes, or walk to the fair.

There will be bike racks available by Jack The Bike Man to lock your bikes! The racks will be located onsite at 2600 Florida Ave.

Get your tickets now ($10)

Sat, January 25, 2020
5:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

2600 Florida Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Performances by Sandra L. Portal-Andreu & Tabitha Bartley

Live Painting by Plein Air Palm Beach

Installations by Adam Dolle Studio, Heather Couch, Sibel Kocabaşı Buğdanoğlu, Suzanne Mulholland Barton

Artists: Craig McInnis, Renata Rodrigues, Eduardo Mendieta, Dan Leahy

Special Artist Coop Project and installations by Easton Art Galleries featuring: Petrina Easton, Amy Reshefsky, Johnathon bomser, Keith “Boom Boom” Fleischer, Latasha Spencer, Jeannie Walsh &. Victor Avile, Howard Sherman, Roxanne lewis, Elliott Block, Rosie Sherman, Bonnie Perlin, EDIE f Minkoff, Barbara Tansky, Elisa, Artist by the Sea group

$10 General Admission Tickets

The day will be capped off with a VIP dinner honoring Palm Beach County Visionaries who continue to contribute tot he cultural growth in the area. There are a very limited number of tickets to this important awards dinner.

JANUARY 25, 2020 | 7:00PM

Get your tickets for the $150 VIP Dinner and Award Ceremony here

Mayor Keith James’ State of the City – the full transcript.

Mayor Keith James’ State of the City – the full transcript.

This morning West Palm Beach Mayor, Keith James delivered his inaugural State of the City address.

In the Mayor’s 37-minute-long address he walked through some of the highlights of his first 10 months in office. The message was that people are excited about the opportunities in West Palm Beach and that “125 years after its inception, our city is at its most prosperous time. The absolute pinnacle of his existence.

While discussing integrity, the Mayor addressed the no-bid contract awarded to PSC, announced the new City Administrator & his re-organization of the City administration.

The Mayor ended on a high note, encouraging residents to take a path of kindness, and unity in solving the City problems and building a brighter future together.

Let’s continue to think more about where we want to go and less about where we are. Let’s not get so stuck in our silo that we stop thinking about building our collective future. We must also remain a haven for class and civility, a special place where differences are embraced not excoriated we’re opinions are shared not hurled, and where diversity is valued not vilified.”



  • 29% decline in homicides
  • 18% decline in violent crimes
  • 4.7% decline in overall crime.


  • Last year we had $12.2 million dollars in building permits and %3.6 billion in projects in the pipeline.


  • The City is working on a $24 million addition to our water purification system which includes UV disinfection, and a five-year $100 million capital improvements project program which includes nearly 50 new projects.
  • The City is executing a 25 million or twenty five million dollar storm water bond which includes projects to prevent tidal flooding.
  • We’re working on the Sunset Lounge and will break ground on the Heart & Soul Park. In Northwook we’re working on Currie Park and the Anchor Site.
  • The Grand, a mixed use mixed income project will become the most significant private investment in the historic Northwest in more than 50 years.
  • We need to vote for the 2020 parks bond referendum on the March ballot.
  • A new City Website will be launched on Thursday (January 23rd)
New City Website Launching January 23rd


  • The city was successful in removing the extension of State Road 7 jog Road and Roebuck Road from the TPA long-range plan.
  • We will have the first electric school bus in the state of Florida and partnership with Florida Power & Light.


  • Faye Johnson is our new City Administrator.
  • The Mayor realigned the city administration to improve communication and accountability and an annual cost savings of $323,000.
  • The Mayor plans to roll back TAX millage rate to under 8 Mills by 2023


  • Working with Palm Beach County and FDOT to adopt technologies needed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.
  • The City is working with the town of Palm Beach and asking the US Coast Guard not to open the middle bridge during peak times.
  • The City is actively working to create a mobility network that works for everyone
  • Crashes are down 5%
  • Fatalities are down 28%


  • Dropped 24%
  • Working with law enforcement to eliminate aggressive on street panhandling.
  • Provide on-street mental health resources to meet the homeless who are mentally ill where they are.
  • Hired a dedicated homeless services coordinator to manage this initiative and other initiatives we have to deal with the homeless situation.
  • Goal is to complete or have under construction a minimum of 300 units of affordable and/or workforce housing in the next three years.