Support Forgotten Soldiers Outreach at 6/14 Happy Hour

This Friday O’Shea’s Pub is hosting a unique event: The No soldier Forgotten Happy Hour!

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is a local non-profit that was “born to help send that little bit of home to our troops. Service members were provided with much needed care items, as well as letters of encouragement.”

And their monthly care packages make a difference to our troops make a difference! Here’s just one of the many letters received.

“I just wanted to thank your organization for supporting us so far away from home and from our families. The care boxes we received were so thoughtful and really brought a smile to our faces! Here are a couple of photos of those happy faces all the way from Afghanistan.”


Come to O’Shea’s to support sending care packages to the troops, but leave with some goodies of your own, thanks to the ridiculous raffle prizes that are available.

For a $1 raffle ticket you can win:

  • Montezuma’s Restaurant – West Palm Beach: $40 GC
  • Uptown Art – West Palm Beach: $35 GC
  • Longhorns: $30 GC
  • Twin Peaks: $25 GC
  • Nothing Bundt Cake: 8” cake with decoration ($35 value)
  • CR Chicks: $20 GC
  • Blow Zone PGA: $40 GC
  • Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza: $25 GC
  • Silverball Museum – Delray: Entry and 5 hours of play ($72 value)
  • Camilli’s Pizza – Lake Park: Large pizza any topping ($22 value)
  • US Nails & Spa: $50 Mani and Pedi GC
  • Jupiter Lighthouse: 4 passes GC ($48 value)
  • Tervis: Patriotic Tervis and lid ($25 value)
  • Waterway Café: $25 GC
  • CVS: $25 e-gift card
  • S. Florida Science Center: Passes for 2 ($36 value)
  • Downtown Pizza Lake Worth: 3 16’ cheese pizzas ($50.85 value)
  • Coopers Hawk: Wine tasting for 4 ($48 value)
  • Mane Studio 1: Men’s haircut and shave ($50 value)
  • Cheesecake Factory $25 (Compliments of Sayler’s Marine)
  • Publix $15 GC (Compliments of Sayler’s Marine)
  • Starbucks $10 GC (Compliments of Sayler’s Marine)
  • McDonald: $25 GC

For a $5 raffle ticket you can win:

  • Zoo Miami: 4 passes ($98 value)
  • Soul Space Yoga and Wellness – Downtown West Palm Beach: Passes for 5 classes ($85 value)
  • Peace, Love, Snap: Interchangeable Jewelry ($150 value)
  • Floating Stainless Steel Patriotic Necklace and charms ($150 value)
  • Jungle Queen: 2 admission tickets, dinner and show ($119.90 value)
  • Limited Edition Printax teapot, saucer and tea cup ($70 value)
  • Yard House: $50 GC
  • Big Time Restaurant Group $50 GC to use at City Cellar OR City Oyster OR Big City Tavern
  • Visit Palm Beach: Sunset Cruise for 2 ($74.16 value)
  • Greenacres Bowl: 2 hours of bowling, shoes and pizza for family of 5 ($65 value)
  • Taboo – Palm Beach: Brunch for 2 ($60 value)
  • Carrabba’s North Palm Beach: $60 GC
  • Boomers – Boca: 25 (total) miniature golf and/or go cart rides ($300 value)
  • La Bamba Restaurant – Delray: $50 GF
  • Norton Museum of Art – West Palm Beach: 4 passes ($72 value)

For a $10 raffle ticket you can win:

  • Chi Ospina Barbershop: 4 men’s haircuts and shaves and 4 boys cuts ($188 value)
  • Tim Periera: Local photographer – framed patriotic photograph print ($150 value)
  • Orange Theory Gift Basket / Palm Beach Gardens East location only: 5 Orange Theory classes, gym bag, water bottle, tee shirt and hat ($300 value)
  • Sprint Bluetooth Wireless speaker and wireless charging station ($400 value)
  • TITLE Boxing Club – Palm Beach Gardens: 2 memberships, 2 (1 hour) personal training sessions, bag and discount on gear ($700 value)
  • Xtreme Action Park: Family 4 pack ($227 value)
  • Majestic Princess Cruise: Sunset cruise for 2: ($130 value)
  • FAMILY561: Local Palm Beach County Artist- artwork (valued over $150)
  • Hard Rock Casino: $150 GC for dinner at either Kuro OR Council Oak Steak and Seafood
  • Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens: 1 night stay with Happy Hour and breakfast: ($150 value)
  • PB Catch / Palm Beach: Dinner for 2 $100 GC
  • Busch Gardens: 2 passes ($238.68 value)
  • Marriott Palm Beach Gardens: Staycation for 2 nights and breakfast ($500 value)
  • The Colony Hotel / Palm Beach: 1st class dining experience for 2 from Chef Tom Whitaker with wine pairing- includes taxes and gratuity ($215 value)
  • Homestead Miami Speedway: 4 grandstand tickets to 2019 NASCAR Ford Championship Weekend at Homestead. Passes for all 3 days: November 15, 16 and 17, 2019 ($800 value)

Friday, June 14th 5pm – 8pm
O’Shea’s Irish Pub
531 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach

Enjoy food, drinks, games & raffles. Wear your best Patriotic Outfit for a chance to win a marvelous prize (INSIDE TIP: the prize is a $25 gift card to Steamhorse Brewery, with a tour of the brewery and private tasting with the Pat the General Manager).

A $5 per person suggested entry donation is appreciated. 100% of all proceeeds are to benefit Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.

Chris Roog mix tape: “Greatest Hits from Economic Development.”

This discussion started on Engage West Palm Beach after I posted a picture of our West Palm Beach City reporter Tony Doris working hard at a City Commission meeting.

The question was asked what he was listening to, and it was revealed that it was Chris Roog’s “Greatest Hits from Economic Development”

Chris Roog is West Palm Beach’s Director of Economic Development.

This obviously leads to the question. What would Chris Roog’s playlist sound like? Here we go…

1. Starship – We Built This City

This is the unofficial anthem of the City of West Palm Beach! Obviously song #1 on the playlist.

2. Bruce Springsteen – Working on the highway

I’m sure this is referring to the upcoming S. Dixie Hwy project. Kudos to everyone who is working on the many, many road projects in West Palm Beach!

Friday night’s pay night, guys fresh out of work / Talking about the weekend, scrubbing off the dirt / Some heading home to their families, some looking to get hurt / Some going down to Stovell wearing trouble on their shirts

Working on the highway, laying down the blacktop / Working on the highway, all day long I don’t stop / Working on the highway, blasting through the bedrock / Working on the highway, working on the highway

3. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown

A downtown Anthem – so epic that Hilton West Palm Beach marketing team had to create their own epic parody of the song.

4. Talking Heads: Don’t Worry About The Government

I see the clouds that move across the sky / I see the wind that moves the clouds away / It moves the clouds over by the building / I pick the building that I want to live in

I smell the pine trees and the peaches in the woods / I see the pine cones that fall by the highway / That’s the highway that goes to the building / I pick the building that I want to live in

It’s over there, it’s over there / My building has every convenience / It’s gonna make life easy for me / It’s gonna be easy to get things done / I will relax alone with my loved ones

Some civil servants are just like my loved ones / They work so hard and they try to be strong / I’m a lucky guy to live in my building / They own the buildings to help them along

5. Owl City: Designer Skyline

Affection, the gifted architect Is making a draft and beautiful design / The options and possibilities / Are endless when we connect and re-align / Collections of books and documents / Arise and parade around my cluttered desk / Re-working the math and measurements / Until I’m convinced these plans are picturesque / Like mountains in the Midwest

Reaction creates the columns dark / And wide like the roads around West Palm Beach / The structures begin to take their shape / Before I’ve designed the public monorail / The turnpike and high-speed motorway / Connect and enclose the quaint suburban streets / The airport, the broad suspension bridge / The lake and the beach, where several rivers meet / Compounded from the spreadsheet

A city sparkles in the night / How can it glow so bright? / The neighborhoods surround a soft fluorescent light / Designer skyline in my head / Abstract and still well-read / You went from numbered lines to buildings overhead

6. Frank Sinatra – My Kind Of Town

Now this could only happen to a guy like me / And only happen in a town like this / So may I say to each of you most gratef’lly / As I throw each one of you a kiss

This is my kind of town, West Palm Beach is / My kind of town, West Palm Beach is / My kind of people, too / People who smile at you

And each time I roam, West Palm Beach is / Calling me home, West Palm Beach is / Why I just grin like a clown / It’s my kind of town

7. BTO – Taking care of business

They get up every morning / From the alarm clock’s warning / Take the eight-fifteen into the city / There’s a whistle up above

And people pushing, people shoving / And the girls who try to look pretty / And if your train’s on time / You can get to work by nine / And start your slaving job to get your pay / If you ever get annoyed / Look at me, I’m self-employed / I love to work at nothing all day

And I’ve been takin’ care of business, every day / Takin’ care of business, every way / I’ve been takin’ care of business, it’s all mine / Takin’ care of business and working overtime / Work out

8. “Hard Hat and a Hammer” by Alan Jackson

This is a song that goes out to all the construction workers who are working on building the new West Palm Beach

Lace-up boots and faded jeans / A homemade sandwich, and a half a jug of tea / Average Joe, average pay / Same ol’ end, same ol’ day

But there’s nothing wrong with a hard hat and a hammer / Kind of glue that sticks this world together / Hands of steel and cradle of the Promised Land/ God bless the working man

9. Elvis: West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

Even if we’re focused one economic development… there’s still room for fun in the sun. (Liberties have been taken on the name of the city!)

Girls on the beaches commit a sin / If they don’t show yards and yards of skin / Preceding message to you has been / Through the courtesy of the West Palm Beach Chamber Of Commerce

Maybe your yen is for tennis courts / Maybe romancing is in your thoughts / Enjoy all outdoor and indoor sports / Through the courtesy of the West Palm Beach Chamber Of Commerce

Any male in West Palm Beach who is not pursuing a cute female / Will automatically land in jail / That’s the law in West Palm Beach

Pretty girls eighteen to twenty-three / If their technique is not what it should be / Get love instruction for free from me / Through the courtesy of the West Palm Beach Chamber Of Commerce

10. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

And finally… we can’t have new until we get rid of the old… here is the unofficial song of the Old City Hall site