Friday is the West Palm Beach Bus Loop

Friday is the West Palm Beach Bus Loop

Looking for something to do this Friday. Want to check out the local food/drink scene, listen to some music and meet up with friends? Look no further the Bus Loop is coming once again to downtown West Palm Beach, get your tickets and make sure you get in on the fun.

Check-in begins at 5:30 pm. WPB Bus Loop lasts from 6-11pm and the trolleys will run until midnight. Designated drivers receive free admission.

Venues Include:
Tin Fish
The Sports Page
The Wine Scene
Off The Hookah
Respectable Street Cafe
Bohemia AG
Moonlight Radiance

Check-In starts at 5:30 at The Wine Scene and Off the Hookah. Trolleys run until Midnight and there is a Pizza Party following the event at 11:00pm at Roxy’s. People are hungry and massive numbers of pizzas that are waiting go FAST, so get there on time.

Buy Early and SAVE!
$30 if tickets purchased after Noon 8/18/2015 until Noon 9/18/2015
$35 cash at the door



At J. Flynn’s on March 2014 Bus Loop


April 2013 the West Palm Beach Downtown Neighborhood Association had a block party which complimented the bus loop.

Charlie enjoying Sunset Grill in Northwood

Charlie enjoying Sunset Grill in Northwood

Always treated to music!

Always treated to music!

Great time to meet up with friends

Great time to meet up with friends


9 out of 10 isn’t bad!

Hope to see you there!


CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show coming to West Palm Beach

CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show coming to West Palm Beach

Big news! Nicole Henry, owner of Nicole Henry Fine Arts at 501 Fern St.,  has partnered up with the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, Instagrafite,  Palm Harbor Marina and Wyn317 to bring a brand new outdoor Museum Show to West Palm Beach.

The two-week event, which runs from November 8th – 22nd showcases over 20 artists from around the world, each of which will paint murals on buildings or construct sculptures throughout the Downtown.

Building-sized murals will be applied to the sides of condominium towers, a hotel, a city-owned garage, and the elegant Royal Park Bridge that leads to Palm Beach.

Sounds like a great time!

Here are some of the artists:

2Alas; Bik-Ismo; Cheryl Maeder; David Walker; Eduardo Kobra; Faith47; Jean-Luc Moerman; Jeremy Penn; José Bedia; Kai; Katja Loher; Lonac; Michael Dweck; Registered Artist; ROA; Ron English;Sean Yoro (aka Hula); Zeus.

Screenshot from 2015-08-19 08:40:57

The schedule kicks off with an Art Auction on  October 10 at a location to be announced. Artists begin working: November 8. The VIP Grand Opening Event: Vernissage in VIP Lounge: Nov. 18 at Nicole Henry Fine Art. “Your Body is a Canvas” Fashion Show: November 20 at the Graffiti Garden on Fern St. Finally the grand finale is the CANVAS ON BOARD Yacht Party: Nov 21 at the Palm Harbor Marina.

Raphael Clemente, Executive Director of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA), says that CANVAS delivers huge dividends to all aspects of downtown life, and makes good on the DDA’s brand promise to ensure that the downtown district is “Always Original.”

“This event will give our visitors another reason to talk about and return to our shops, restaurants and cultural attractions, while it adds a powerful new dimension to our A&E District. CANVAS is going to be a smash hit.”

Get more information at!

The Naked Stage Theatre Company coming to 522 Clematis Street

The Naked Stage Theatre Company coming to 522 Clematis Street

Exciting news for the 500 Block of Clematis Street. Alexandra Clough at the Palm Beach Post just announced that a deal is in the works to bring the well established Naked Stage Theatre Company to the empty space at 522 Clematis St. This space used to be the home to Authentic Providence which has moved to Antique Row.

The Naked Stage Theatre Company was founded by husband & wife actors Antonio & Katherine Amadeo.

Antonio Amadeo (left) and Alex Alvarez make the best of a visit by Laura Turnbull to their home in the Island City Stage world premiere ‘Daniel’s Husband.’ | ROBERT FIGUEROA ROBERT FIGUEROA

Antonio Amadeo,  Laura Turnbull and Alex Alvarez in the Island City Stage world premiere ‘Daniel’s Husband.’ | ROBERT FIGUEROA

The Naked Stage theatre company is not a stranger to Clematis Street, last year they brought their innovative “24 Hour Theatre Project” to Palm Beach Dramaworks on the 200 block of Clematis Street.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.00.24 AM


In an interview with Florida Theatre on Stage, Antonio Amadeo is asked why South Florida theatre doesn’t have a higher profile nationally?

We barely have a profile here in South Florida. How can we expect to have a high profile anywhere else? We live in a community that has no tradition for supporting theater, so there isn’t a core, community-wide audience of patrons that travels to all the regional theaters. Each theatre must rely on whatever small but loyal following it cultivates. This isn’t a theater kingdom; it’s a region of many small playhouse dukedoms. There’s a lot of quality work here, but few people know it exists as a legitimate theater region. There is no local government support and zero local broadcast coverage. There is no major relationship with any tourism information organization, so people coming in from out of town are not being introduced to us. If they happen to be theatergoers who enjoy exploring theater troupes on vacation, they are never presented the option by any concierge or entertainment information group. There is also very little effort made to cultivate new audiences and artists through local schools; many of which have great theater programs filled with students who are unaware that there is a local theater community to support and engage. Upon graduation, the students leave town without ever considering a return home to be a viable option. Consequently, they never spread the message that there is great theater in South Florida because they don’t know it themselves. I remember when I was in college; Actors’ Playhouse had an internship program with the University of Miami that served the theater and the students very well. MANY of the students who participated in the program have gone on to have great careers in theater. A number of them stayed here. What happened to that?!! We need way more of that. There needs to be a concerted effort by the artists and producers in this community to change all of that. I’m not sure what it will take, but we can’t sit around and wait for it to happen.

Now with two Theatres on Clematis Street, and the Kravis Center right around the corner, we are looking forward to making downtown West Palm Beach a hot spot of South Florida Theatre.

Join the Community Walk for Peace on this Friday, July 31st

Join the Community Walk for Peace on this Friday, July 31st

In light of the recent incidents in the Northwest Community, we are having a Community Walk for Peace on this Friday, July 31st at 6:00p.m.

We will convene at Friendship Baptist Church – 718 3rd Street.

This walk was organized by Mayor Jeri Muoio, leaders in local churches as well community members from Northwest neighborhoods and other neighborhoods throughout the city.

RSVP on Facebook

The route will pass areas where the recent shootings took place. Here is a map.


Click here to read the mayor’s open letter to the city.


A letter from Mayor Jeri Muoio on the recent city shootings

A letter from Mayor Jeri Muoio on the recent city shootings

Note from aGuyonClematis: This was sent out on the City of West Palm Beach insider mailing list, I am reposting it here for your convenience.

You have no doubt heard about the recent rash of shootings taking place in our city’s north end. To say this violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated is the usual comment we public officials make at times like this. They are easy positions to take and make good material for sound bites. But it is not enough.

What they don’t do is cut to the heart of why these shootings are happening, or why our police department is facing significant challenges in arresting the shooters

Tragically our city does not have an exclusive on gun violence. It is a horrible reflection of our society that if you Google “movie theater shooting,” you now must specify which one you are seeking. I have long been focused on getting illegal weapons off our streets.

Last year we held a gun buy back program during which we collected over three hundred weapons. I am a member of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns whose only focus is reducing the number of illegal weapons in our cities. But while getting the guns off our streets will help, the guns themselves are not the most significant obstacle facing our police department.

Our police have significantly increased patrols in the area. In many cases they know the young people involved. But our officers cannot arrest suspects and our prosecutors cannot convict criminals if no one is willing to come forward and help.

I understand the reluctance to come forward. It is based in fear. Fearful victims refuse to talk to officers about what happened and choose instead to seek revenge on their own terms. We have one case where a young teenage victim told his mother he knows who shot him but refuses to tell even her who it is.

And the refusal to cooperate extends beyond victims. Fear creates a situation where our detectives cannot find witnesses to these shootings. One shooting took place in front of a neighborhood party of over three dozen people, yet not a single witness has come forward.

This puts our police officers in the impossible position of trying to stop this wave of violence on their own.

Unfortunately our young people find it easier to reach for a gun than to reach for help.

On Wednesday of this past week we held a meeting with approximately two dozen clergy and community leaders. It is my hope that these men and women will do everything in their power to encourage our residents to join us in publicly standing up against violence.

In addition we decided to walk the community and reach out to those who live there. Together we must assure them we are there for them.

But there must be more. We need your help. If you see something or know something reach out to me or to your Pastor or to a community leader you trust.

Help us help you. Help us help our community.

It is easy for me to shout from the mountain top that this violence will not be tolerated. What we need is for all of us to stand together and work together to take back our city.