Captain’s log from our trip to the 2015 South Florida Fair

Last Saturday we went to the South Florida Fair. We like scheduling it in on a Saturday so that we can have a day to recover before we have to get back to work.

You may wonder why we’d need a full day to recover after a trip to the fair? Take a look at the “Captain’s Log”:

  • 10am: Arrive at the Fair – because there was a bit of rain blowing through we spent the first hour exploring the Expo floor.
  • 10:20: We catch the “Cirque” show.
  • 10:45: Take the kids through the Elvis museum – very cool
  • 11:15: Drizzling is mostly clear we decide to head out to the rides.
  • 11:17: Walk through the “Mooternity” tent just in time to see the freshly born calf! Mooooooo.
  • 11:20: Check out the Bengal Tigers – make a mental note to catch the show (we end up missing it).
  • 11:25: Make it to the rides – no lines means ride as much as you want!!! It’s GO TIME!!!
  • 1:30: Lunch time – need to break from the rides to keep our energy levels up.
  • 1:40: We also discover the new “Mama’s Jugs” ice tea with great flavored ice tea & free refills
  • 1:45: More rides.
  • 2:30: Check in on DeShon Allen and watch some of the Starz of the Futures.
  • 2:45: Selfie with State Attorney Dave Aronberg
  • 2:55: Got a refill on ice tea – decided to go with marshmallow flavor.
  • 3:00: Ham Bone Express Pig Racing  – this doubles as a much needed time off my feet.
  • 3:30: Meet up with the wonderful Clint and Ginger.
  • 4:00 – 4:30: Designated time to play “I Got It”
  • 4:30 –  5:00: Shopping
  • 5:00 – 5:15: Talking to the guys at the model train set.
  • 5:17: Caught the LED Robots Laser show – very cool!
  • 5:30: Discover that “Swamp Water” is all the flavors of ice tea mixed together.
  • 5:45: “Dinner” time – corndogs, cheese fries, sausages – tried to work up the courage to go for a turkey leg. Was unsuccessful.
  • 6:30: Magical time at the fair – all the lights are on and the sun is setting (we’re back at the rides).
  • 7:00: Time for a family ride on the SkyLine – the fair is filling up!
  • 8:30: Try to make it too the Las Vegas on Ice show, but stop for an elephant ear and some deep fried Oreos, making us miss the show :(.
  • 8:45: One last ride.
  • 9:30: Leave Exhausted.

Well, that was our trip , most of it anyhow… somewhere we also manged to squeeze in a trip to Yesteryear Village, which is always fun.

This will be the last weekend of the fair so make sure you check out the events and head on out! It’s a blast.




Clematis Street makes West Palm Beach the 3rd Best Place to Live in Palm Beach County

The  always cynical New Times took all 38 cities in Palm Beach County and ranked them from Worst to Best.

West Palm Beach came in at #3.

Even though the article was mostly tounge in cheek I was exceptionally happy to see New Times name Clematis Street as the reason for West Palm Beach’s  “former geriatric sanctuary”.

3. West Palm Beach
Pro: Clematis has breathed fresh air into the lungs of the former geriatric sanctuary. West Palm Beach is now a city for the young as well as the ancient. No longer will waiters automatically start cutting your steak for you. Bye-bye, prune juice; hello, vodka tonics. Out with the adult diapers; in with the sexy lingerie!

Con: Yes, West Palm Beach now has a scene. An active one — vibrant, even. But once you journey outside the confines of Clematis, you are bound to find yourself driving past retirement complex after retirement complex — sprawling lots of early-bird specials and heated shuffleboard matches. West Palm Beach has formed a new identity, but its old identity is telling the new one to get the hell off its lawn.

Bottom Line: Once considered only a land of grandparents, West Palm Beach has developed a youthful side. It’s still probably where your grandparents live, but once you’re done having lunch with your MeMaw, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re wondering what #2 and #1 are it’s Lake Worth as #2 and Delray Beach as #1.

Read the full article here.

Living the life in Downtown West Palm Beach