Clematis Street is back again!

Note: This GREAT post on Clematis street by WPBGator was just added to TripAdvisor’s West Palm Beach page. Reposted here with permission!

After years of construction, Clematis St. is thriving with plenty of new tasty restaurants and night spots/clubs! Within a year, several new restaurants have started to appear in addition to the new park and waterfront.

At the base of Clematis, ER Bradleys still has the best views and an amazing ambiance. The food is superb, drink are fantastic, but get ready to pay for it, certainly not discount dining. Walking up the street you have Sloan’s ice cream, Pizza Girls and Mangia Bevi (new Italian where the old Cabana used to be) and on the alternate side, a great French bistro Pistache. Pistache has quality food and a good bar scene at a reasonable price, Thursday nights late are good specifically. The Palm Beach crowd tends to like this one.

Pizza LunaOk, moving up the street to the 200 block, Luna Pizza is about to take over the old Maison Carlos spot and open Luna Pizza Bar. Walking a little further, Grease Burger Bar. Grease is part of the Big Time Triange that includes Rocco’s Tacos and Reef Road. All owned and operated by the Big Time Restaraunt Group. Grease has good burgers, fries, etc., and a decent happy hour. Just watch your bill, several time they ‘forgot’ to charge me the half price advertised. Rocco’s has a great scene, adequate food. Guacamole made fresh at the table is great, rest of the food is fairly bland. Reef Road is also just adequate.

Next to Grease, is the Motley Crue themed rock bar, Dr. Feelgoods. Vince Neil opened this hot late night spot in the old Monkey Club location. Music is…you guessed it, rock and roll. 80’s, 90’s and current. Ustairs from Feelgoods is Lost Weekend. Lost has video games, pool tables, skee ball and a good bar. Great place to take a break from the crowded club atmosphere. Next door to Lost Weekend is new house club called Monarchy. Monarchy has a small dance floor but great DJ’s, a long bar, attractive crowd and I can honestly say I have never had a bad time there.

Next to these is Forte, which had a makeover once the Cuillo family got rid of that ‘guy from Top Chef Steven”. Now the chefs from Amici have taken over the kitchen and the food is fantastic, good prices, great specials and a popular lunch scene.

Don RamonsOnto the 300 block, you have Don Ramon who just opened their Clematis Location. Food is also very tasty, priced right, and even has a 24 hour takeout window. Mambo’s Meatballs and Music is next to Don Ramon. Never busy, moderately priced with a good happy hour, this one can’t seem to draw a crowd. Across the street Bella Pizza, New York style pizza, very good. And then the mega entertainment center that is Roxy’s Pub.

Roxy’s is the mastermind of John Webb who started by taking over the old Roxy’s name and designing an Irish Pub themed sports bar and hangout with plenty of beer on tap. Maybe over 50? Food is great, BBQ wings are my favorite and this is the spot to watch Gator Games. Upstairs the complex continues with the 10@2 Saloon. They have Karoke, Live Bands, etc. up here several times a week, old west themed. Next to that a small Cigar Bar. And in the back, Rome. Rome is a Greek themed Dance club that is opened till late on a Saturday nights. (not sure about Friday). Up top on the roof, the masterpiece, SKY309. Sky309 opened in Dec 09 and is a 7500 sq feet outdoor tropical themed roof deck. They have a killer Sunday brunch, night DJ dance floor, Seafood happy hour brunch, and a traditional menu. This one is destined to become the hottest night spot when weather is good.


Lastly, mega new restaurant ‘Off the Hookah” is opening in Spring 2010. Hookahs, beds to lounge on, Egyptian food, sushi, etc. seems to be the story. Looks like a lot of fun, they took over the old Z Gallerie space, which was huge. They also are apparently going to turn into a club once dinner hours are over. Then towards the end of the street there is takeout Chinese, Jimmy Johns, Areperia, Brooklyn Ice Cream, Denny Cafe and several other small spots.

CabanaAt the end of Clematis, Cabana has re-opened in a beautiful, larger location and continues to serve the finest Latin food in West Palm Beach. Part of a small chain that includes spots in NYC and Delray, Cabana’s Churassco and Paella to me cannot be beat. However I must say, everything is delicious at Cabana. Glad to have them back. Cabana is next to O’Sheas a classic true Irish bar (the bartenders have the accent!). Live music and a younger scene dominate.

All this said, Clematis is a must see in WPB and a great dinner or hang out scene. You cannot come to West Palm Beach without hanging on Clematis!

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  1. Very interesting stuff Bob enjoyed this very much, too! …and I’d like to add…that Clematis is an awesome place to trek on foot: we start & finish our weekly walks on Clematis! With the base of Clematis now open to the waterfront -OMG- its so beautiful! In addition, friendly security guards make Clematis -and the downtown much safer. Such a HOT place! LUV WPB…finally! 🙂

  2. I love your site! It is great to see what is going on downtown…..We trek down to Clematis every so often from the Glades along with a lot of my friends. Our college kids like City Place and Clematis as well. I haven’t seen a friendly site on City Place like yours….thanks for all the info!

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