A Christmas Carol – Review of the one-man-show at Empire Stage

Let’s face it, when you’re living in South Florida it can be difficult to get into the “Christmas Spirit”. We had finished decorating our house and putting up the Christmas tree but still felt ourselves trying to drum up a more festive mood, so when we heard about the performance of “A Christmas Carol” at the Empire Stage in Ft. Lauderdale, we excitedly bundled up the kids and headed down there.

Coming from West Palm Beach, the Empire Stage was a bit off the beaten path. Our navigation system sent us on a couple of red-herrings, but we were delighted when we found it. Seating only 48, the Empire Stage is a cozy setting, perfect for this type of performance.

Scott Sowers, who you’ve certainly seen in one of his many roles, does an exceptional job in this performance. Using only a crutch, an old top hat and overcoat as props, Scott Sowers plays Ebenezer Scrooge, four ghosts, and over 30 other characters. There are lots of laughs throughout the play, as well as songs, and of course the (not-so) scary ghosts.

Last year we had trouble keeping the kids (8 and 9) interested through the animated 3D IMAX version of “A Christmas Carol” staring Jim Carrey, so we were initially concerned that our children would be able to sit through the over hour-and-a-half one-man performance. However, they were immediately engrossed, enjoyed the entire play and discussed it in the car on their way back home.

The play is directed by Kevin Thomsen and the adaptation was done by Scott Sowers and Kevin Thomsen.

“A Chirstmas Carol” plays at the Empire Stage (map) through the 25th of December. Tickets are $25 and while it’s a bit of a drive from Clematis St. it’s certainly worth the time to take your friends and family for a heart-warming evening with a fantastic performance of this quintessential Christmas tale.

Click here for more pictures of Scott Sowers performance.

A Christmas Carol at Empire Stage

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