The Construction of the West Palm Beach Waterfront

The waterfront project started on May 18th with the demolition of the old library which had been occupying that spot since 1962. View my slideshow of the demolition here, as well as a very good roundup of the demolition on

This is how the Waterfront looked in May of 2007

On the 1st of July, 2007 after much of the old library had been cleared cones appear on Flagler to mark the beginning the tearing up of Flagler and the construction of the new waterfront

During the process of reconstructing our waterfront many of the trees were moved to prevent their damage.

On a rainy days the construction area was a mess

And the old black top on South Flagler Drive gets torn up.

New electrical work is laid & the kids take advantage on scootering on the smooth new, car free, blacktop.

By the 15th of September all the new trees are planted, bringing a splash of green to the otherwise gray construction zone.

The foundation for the water feature around Centennial Square is laid.

In mid-September the work begins on the Waterfront Pavilion

After 2 months of work, the paving of the lane closest to the water on Flagler Drive was complete. The south-bound lane had not yet been touched.

The waterfront walk-way had been marked out and was ready for the pavers

By the beginning of October, we’re starting to see the waterfront take shape structurally. The Water Front Pavilion has been completed.

October 8th, Flagler Drive opens a lane in each direction

Workmen working on the roof of the Waterfront Pavilion

The roof frame is added to the Waterfront Pavilion

Work begins on the South-bound lane of Flagler Drive.

More of the foundations are laid for the walkways and water features in the waterfront commons

By November 10th the paving of the South-Bound lanes of Flagler Drive is complete

And grass has been laid between the trees. Things are looking really good now!

The Palm Beach Marathon on December 5th take place successfully despite the work still being done on the waterfront.

The “trail” opens

There are a lot of pavers to be laid

The light show lights are installed on the waterfront

Clematis countdown 2010! The docks are completed, and the new waterfront is almost done! Happy New Year!!!

The lights are installed on Flagler Drive

January 13 – a little over a month from the Waterfront Grand Opening and there is still a lot of work to do!

Paths on the Waterfront Commons are paved and palm trees wait to be planted

By the end of January, 2010, the waterfront is transformed. Grass has been laid and all that’s left are the final touches!

We’re almost there!!! The final work goes into the beautification before the opening celebration!

And it’s a wrap!!!

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  1. Very cool! I didn’t realize Clematis was reinventing itself. I’m still pretty new to the area. I look forward to what’s ahead!

    -Tara Husband

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