Happy New Year!

Well I’m back!

Our 7-day snow-filled Christmas trip to the mountains of Colorado was delightful, but after sleeping in my own bed, and walking our dog in the warm and beautiful pre-dawn morning, I can honestly say there is no place like home.

Camp Elim
Our temporary home at Camp Elim outside Woodland Park, Co

It’s traditional over the holiday period and New Years to think about what you’ve accomplished over the last year, and set goals for what you’re going to accomplish the next year. When you have the opportunity to get away “from it all” for a bit of time it gives you even greater clarity as to what is most important in your life.

I have made enough resolutions in my life to understand that the more specific the resolution, the less likely it is that I will complete them. To avoid this from happening I’ve narrowed down my goals into a couple of general topics.

Here they are:

  • Tell New Stories: There is nothing like sitting around with relatives in a log cabin to remind you of all the stories that you haven’t told for years. Over the last few years, I’ve become “Mr. Clematis” to many people, and while I enjoy my minor-celebrity status I have a lot of other stories to tell. From my eventful childhood, traveling through Europe, studying in Ukraine to settling down and raising two beautiful kids and of course watching Clematis St. blossom over the last few years. I’m not sure how I’m going to tell these stories, but I will.
  • Make New Friends: I am blessed with the many friends that I have! I also know that there are many people who I interact (both online and offline) on a daily basis who I haven’t taken the time to get to know well. Spending time talking with people, building friendships, and learning about their life is an invaluable experience and one that I am looking forward to in this upcoming year. So if you follow me on twitter, and see me walking down the street, feel free to pull me over introduce yourself. I look forward to getting to know you better!
  • Build New Things: Over the last few months we’ve had some major restructuring in my “real-job”. This is one of the stories that I will eventually tell, but the short version is that over the last few months we’ve spun off the division that I built and have lead for the last 5-years. The details are exciting, and what it means for me is that I will once again be able to focus 100% of my time into building something new. It’s big and exciting and you’ll hear about it soon!
  • Enjoy New Experiences with my Family: This is the most important one! Seeing my daughters grow so fast and interact with their even older cousins, makes me more dedicated than ever to enjoy ever minute that I have with them. Watching them grow, teaching them, sharing experiences with them is something that will only happen once, and I am dedicated to putting all of the above off to make sure I don’t miss a minute of this valuable time.

Oh, I also want to drop a couple inches off my belt line, and start going to Velocity Cycling again (where I’m less likely to break bones), brush up on my Russian, finish the interior of my shed, convert my Florida room into an office, build something to house my canoe, fix stuff on my blog, start a hydroponic vegetable garden, and a whole lot of other stuff…

Happy New Year!
Aaron “aGuyonClematis” Wormus

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