Now it’s time for some West Palm Beach #FollowFridays

OK, I’m going to mix things up a bit and introduce everyone to some of the cool twitter people in West Palm Beach – On twitter this is commonly done using the #FollowFriday hashtag. While I could just tweet these all out, I thought it would be fun to build up a blog entry 140 characters at a time.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of our local twitter community, but if you want to get started on twitter, this is a VERY good list to start off with.

Mayor @jmuoio – Mayor of the most awesome little city in Florida! #FollowFriday

#FollowFriday @smaterio & @CommishMitchellCommissioners for the South End (5) and Clematis District (3)

The Executive director of the WPB Downtown Development Authority  @raphaClemente  – @DowntownWPB #FollowFriday

Parks and Recreation Director @CMThrower and @mpinak who make the West Palm Beach special events happen #FollowFriday

Locals @mohnacky, @pbCallahan and WPB Economic Director @chris_roog making @StartupWeekend happen in WPB! #FollowFriday

Our local Paper of Record @pbpost & @pbpulse@vpm, @bio561, @allisonsross, @AbramsonPBP #FollowFriday

The Mandel Public Library in West Palm Beach @MyCityLibrary & @treetweets, @littlepig1, @wpblf #FollowFriday

Our News & Weather Team @Steve_Weagle @weatherkait @MikeTrimWPTV – Waking up early so we don’t have to #FollowFriday

Downtown West Palm Beach co-working spaces @musescoworking & @Ventureworxx – great places to work! #FollowFriday

Writer / local @DowntownDana – she writes good stuff & always knows where the party is. #FollowFriday

Resources for new businesses in WPB @NewToPalmBeach @innovatepalmbch @BillBathurst @StartupPBC #FollowFriday

Cool people you meet downtown @misspfaff @RockwellGlobal @JoelleParra @ClematisCain @crlmediapr #FollowFriday

Our very own Downtown Neighborhood Association @WPBDNA #FollowFriday

Palm Beach Post reporter @eliotkpbp – keeping everyone up-to-date with the City happenings #FollowFriday

Local Bloggers! @WalkableWPB @NCMSocial @AvgGirlsGuide @WesBlackman @JanNorrisdotcom #FollowFriday

Everyone’s favorite busybody blogger @gossipextra #FollowFriday

Small Businesses @ClematisNews Stand & @marketClematis, @SloansIceCream & @TinFishClematis #FollowFriday

Great Places on the 200 Block@RoccosTacos & @JFlynnsPub #FollowFriday

Places to party on the 300 Block@roxyspub & @palmsugarwpb #FollowFriday

Places on the 500 Block@respectablest, @oshaespub #FollowFriday

Ninjas @MaXXXStiLes & @yourwebninja (this is probably a very “inside baseball” referece) #FollowFriday

Apologies to everyone I missed – and thanks to all for spending your time to make our local social ecosystem rock!