City takes to Twitter to lure NYC sustainability Mascot to West Palm Beach

Here’s a fun effort from the City of West Palm Beach’s Office of Sustainability: Use Twitter to lure “Birdie”, the “full-time mascot for GreeNYC” to come to Florida.

Birdie, who frequently tweets at the “Birdie_NYC” account has been posting some awfully cold looking pictures to his/her twitter account. If they go with the city’s suggestion, I am sure they would enjoy “trading in the wool hat and scarf for a swimsuit”.

Here are the five reasons the City of West Palm Beach presented to Birdie to convince them to make the flight down:

  1. Lots of sunshine means more solar energy opportunities (and cool sunglasses!)
  2. Paddle boarding would be your new form of alternative transportation
  3. Our wetland and water supply Grassy Waters is excellent for bird baths (ok, just watch out for gators!).
  4. Trade in the wool hat and scarf for a swimsuit
  5. Hang out with your fellow snowbirds every winter

If these reasons weren’t compelling enough, the city’s photoshop experts gave Birdie an idea of how he/she would look on the West Palm Beach waterfront.

It beats being all bundled up!

Birdie has not yet responded via their twitter feed. Maybe he/she is hibernating.

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