Downtown West Palm Beach – Festive, Flourishing, Fresh & Flavorful


The Downtown Development Authority just released the new Street Banners designed by the always creative O’Donnell Agency.



The 5-foot banners will hang from streetlight poles throughout the district. Each scene communicates defining characteristics of Downtown, represented in a “painterly” style reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh.




The banners will be introduced throughout the Clematis District on Wednesday, Jan. 22. They will also make a special appearance during the opening night of the pop-up art event, Continuum, as designer Kristen Alyce of Garbage Gone Glam has designed a dress for the evening that uses the four banners as inspiration.

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  1. These new banners look great! We’ve needed a new image for sometime, the “always unique” was vague and stale. I’m glad we’ve changed to a more colorful brand.

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