Here’s a random aGuyonClematis fact: In the 80’s he spent a couple of years in the Indian subcontinent.  I’m sure I’ll get around to telling that story, but since then India has changed a lot and I’ve always wanted to go back to visit.

After my friend and owner of downtown business Shade Tree Yoga, Kim LaRue, took a month-long trip through the area, I was anxious to pick her brain about her experience and what made her take the trip.

I landed in Dehli, then to Saranath at Orgen Samye Chokhor Ling Nunnery at the for the Stupa Memorial Celebration. I then visited Varanasi, India at the Ganges & offered my late mom’s hair to the Ganges. Then many of us followed the footsteps of the great masters and devotees of the past on a on a guided pilgrimage to some of the sacred places of Buddha Shakyamuni, including a visit to the PBC Miracle Stupa in Shravasti near Jetavan Grove. We traveled to Bodhgaya, Nalanda University and Vulture’s Peak Mountain where we meditated, supplicated and made offerings to all the enlightened beings of the past present and future.


On the map, I think it we traveled along Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. I then took another journey with my friends over the through a plane ride through the Himilayas (Mt. Everest) to Katmandu, Nepal to many sacred sites there such as Monkey Temple, Pharphing, and Boudhanath. How grateful I am to spend time here to learn and practice with many great masters. It was absolutely amazing and wonderful

I can’t wait to go back

aGuyonClematis: How long have you been teaching yoga and is this your first trip to Nepal?

Kim: I have been teaching yoga and mindfulness since 1995

This was my first trip to India and Nepal on a sacred pilgrimage walking the footsteps of Buddha with my Buddhist community

I have led yoga retreats trips to Bali Indonesia in the past. I love international travel!!!

aGuyonClematis: Is the community all from Florida or is it an international thing?

Kim: The community is international but also located here in Florida. Palm Beach Dharma Center locally and Padmasambhava Buddhist Center Internationally

aGuyonClematis: Is there anything about West Palm Beach / S. Florida that makes it good for the Buddhist / Yoga community? Is it exceptionally large here?

Kim: Is that I think people everywhere are looking for community and learning how to be less stressful and to spend time with like minded people.



aGoC: What was the biggest challenge travelling through India?

Kim: It was really challenging the long car rides in the dirt and exhaust, I was sick with a cough and laryngitis but i had so much joy regardless. it was absolutely life altering! I am in Love with India and Nepal

I was nervous about going because this last year was tough. My mom died and I felt like it would be a difficult trip to do, I thought maybe better to go to Italy… and drink wine… haha

I offered her hair to the Ganges where people do sacred practices and go to die. It was very healing

My wish is to help others who suffer with anxiety grief and suffering. I truly understand.

Kim LaRue at the Ganges River

Kimberly LaRue at the Ganges River

Kim teaches a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction eight week class at Bee Organics – contact her at  561-714-6131 or email her at for more information.