I’m still getting over the amazing day that was Saturday!

The idea started a couple weeks ago with a few tweets and a blog entry, and before I knew it the project had spun into something bigger than I could have possibly planned.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to come out. Thanks for dancing despite the heat & occasional sound issues, it was YOU who made this day awesome.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the news, Palm Beach Post who put it in the paper & The List for featuring a segment on our dance & the other stations that put notices up. Also thanks to the WPB Parks & Recreation department for helping out at the Green Market as well as Dawn & Visit Palm Beach for hosting us at the Visitors Center & letting us dance on the Hakuna Matata.

Also an individual and HUGE thanks goes to Neil London of ictv1 who filmed our dances at the Green Market and Clematis Street. THANK YOU.

Here’s how it went down.

The morning started at Summa Beach in the Southend. Our dancers showed up nice and early and we filmed some great shots on the water as well as walking through some of our neighborhoods.


By 9am we hit the Green Market where more than 30 people showed up to dance.

Congresswoman Lois Frankel and Mayor Jeri Muoio also came out to show off their moves.


Next stop was the 300 block alley which was being rejuvenated by the School of Urban and Regional Planning. This was a fantastic project and everyone was certainly in the mood to dance.


We took our dance to the 500 block where the Corvette Club was holding their car show. It took a little convicing for the DJ to play “HAPPY” but once that was cranking on their sound system we filmed the entire length of the song.


Next stop was the First Baptist Church downtown. Tyler Williams set up their stage and screens with the #ilovewpb hashag.

Little plug – FBC will be holding their  sunrise (6:30 am) Easter Sunday service at the Chapel by the Lake for the last time. This is a beautiful downtown spot & and regardless of your religious affiliation (or lack thereof), it’s well worth getting up early to enjoy. 


Cityplace came out strong to dance around the fountain and on the stairs to the Harriet Himmel Theatre. Great group of people, thanks for dancing despite an unfortunate lack of music!


While in Cityplace we stopped by the luxury pet boutique Pucci and Catana to have an epic dance party. Thanks to Lauren and all the staff who are always sure to support local social media & local businesses downtown. Also thanks to the Pure Barre staff that came to dance.


Next we headed back to the waterfront to dance. On the way we found this party who were taking prom pictures. We asked them to dance for us, and they were HAPPY to!


Big Thanks to Deshon Allen who works tirelessly downtown, and brought some of the Mako Cheerleaders to dance at the waterfront.


We couldn’t leave the waterfront without dancing with everyone’s favorite Pizza Girls! We had an awesome dance party which included some epic Pizza Flipping.


And finally after almost 12 hours of filming we ended the party with a dance on VisitWPB’s cool catamaran, the Hakuna Matata.


There is still a ways to go with editing it, but I will make sure to let EVERYONE know when it’s ready.

Here is a little clip to whet your appetite!

Again thanks to everyone who made this happen.