Exploring the Northwestern Downtown Area during the Taste of the South BBQ event

Yesterday, for the City of West Palm Beach’s continuing 4th of July weekend we met up with other downtowners for the Taste of the South BBQ event which was just three blocks South of Clematis Street on Rosemary.

For someone who is on Clematis Street as often as I am, I was honestly surprised (and a little embarrassed) that I had never ventured across Banyan and down Rosemary to see what is down here. Having said that, until fairly recently there wasn’t a whole lot to see. Thankfully, in the last few years it has blossomed into the beginnings of a cute little commercial area as the following images clearly show.

North Rosemary in 2007
How I remembered North Rosemary (Google Maps from  2007)
North Rosemary in 2011
How North Rosemary really looks (Google Maps from 2011)

This CRA redevelopment took place over 4 years ago. I am very happy that the CRA worked with the City to bring this event to showcase this unique little area, and hope that we can continue to bring the people who live and work in the downtown area into our Northwest community to support all the neighbors and small businesses there as well.

Note to self: We should get some signage up on Clematis St. & Rosemary letting people who are living / working on Clematis know that these businesses exist.

Cityside Suites

In between the delicious BBQ tasting, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Cityside Suites, an executive office space that provides everything from a virtual office space, with access to the conference room & shared office space, to full private offices.

Cityside Suites
Cityside Suites

Tasty new BBQ

I also discovered a new BBQ place, which is on the corner of Rosemary and 3rd. Unfortunately due to the heat, my phone had  died, so I didn’t get any pictures, but the dry rub ribs I had were fantastic. I plan on swinging  by on Monday and trying more of what they have.

In the future I’m going to do my best to expand my downtown area across Banyan to the North. There are lots of other small businesses that I didn’t get a chance to visit & hope that you can do the same so that we can give these downtown businesses the support that they need!

Chris Roog, Chuck & Mayor Jeri Muoio, and Mr & Mrs @WalkableWPB
Chris Roog, Chuck & Mayor Jeri Muoio, and Mr & Mrs @WalkableWPB

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