The day @DowntownDana took over @DowntownWPB #DanaTakesOver

Sunday started off as a regular Sunday, but Dana “@DowntownDana” Krangel was up to something.

Through some crafty marketing genius plan concocted by @DowntownDana and the good people at the Downtown Development Authority,  Dana was preparing to takeover the @DowntownWPB twitter feed.

It was a Twakeover!

I’m a big fan of Downtown and feel very strongly that anything that is done on social media is done RIGHT. So I made a mental checklist of everything @DowntownDana will need to do to totally nail this.

Here’s the list

  • Selfie from a tall building overlooking Downtown
  • Picture of Breakfast
  • Picture of Starbucks Cup
  • Picture of Clematis Street
  • Picture of some of the Downtown Art
  • Picture of a bewildered stranger

And of course you can’t be DowntownDana without getting a picture of yourself backstage with a band.

So let’s see how it all went down.

Dana starts out with a walk down from her lair. She notes that thanks to the Clematis Street “Streetscape” there is a median on the 700 block and some nice new greenery & trees.

Now it seems like before Dana got breakfast she stopped off at Longboards to listen to Gravel Kings new song “Left Alone”.

I don’t have many rules, but one that I have always lived with, and has served me well is “No Banjos before Breakfast”. But to each his own.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Breakfast was consuming the brunch at Longboards. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

At this point Dana starts her trek from the 500 block at noon to Sunday at the waterfront which kicks off at 4:30. She has a couple hours to hang out in the DVD section of the West Palm Beach City Library, grab some cash at the ATM and hit up Starbucks.

Dana took the time to hit up the newest addition to Clematis Street, The West Palm Trading Company.

Dana gets to the waterfront, but apparently still has some time on her hands before she can head backstage for her meet and greet with The Resolvers. She meets “this nice dude” who shows her how to play “ring sticks”.

Finally, it’s time to head backstage to meet The Resolvers.

Now like any good socialite, Dana is doing five different things at the same time. This includes:

By this time The Resolvers are playing their reggae tunes to the crowds at Sunday at the Waterfront.

OK, it’s clearly been a long day for Dana – enjoying everything that Downtown has to offer. Time to relax and down her 400th beer at World of Beer!

And finally, kicking back and relaxing with some of the new Sushi menu at Palm Sugar.

Before enjoying Spread The Dub paying at E.R. Bradley’s.

And then after spending all day on Clematis Street & covering it from the 700 block all the way to the Waterfront, Dana took new Uber service back to her Downtown lair.

Yes, @DowntownDana did a spectacular job showcasing DowntownWPB on twitter – the great part is that all this good stuff is here 24/7 so even if you missed Dana’s tweets, you can always head downtown and enjoy it yourself!!!

Oh yes, I almost forgot… here’s the selfie from a high place overlooking Downtown

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