Captain’s log from our trip to the 2015 South Florida Fair

Last Saturday we went to the South Florida Fair. We like scheduling it in on a Saturday so that we can have a day to recover before we have to get back to work.

You may wonder why we’d need a full day to recover after a trip to the fair? Take a look at the “Captain’s Log”:

  • 10am: Arrive at the Fair – because there was a bit of rain blowing through we spent the first hour exploring the Expo floor.
  • 10:20: We catch the “Cirque” show.
  • 10:45: Take the kids through the Elvis museum – very cool
  • 11:15: Drizzling is mostly clear we decide to head out to the rides.
  • 11:17: Walk through the “Mooternity” tent just in time to see the freshly born calf! Mooooooo.
  • 11:20: Check out the Bengal Tigers – make a mental note to catch the show (we end up missing it).
  • 11:25: Make it to the rides – no lines means ride as much as you want!!! It’s GO TIME!!!
  • 1:30: Lunch time – need to break from the rides to keep our energy levels up.
  • 1:40: We also discover the new “Mama’s Jugs” ice tea with great flavored ice tea & free refills
  • 1:45: More rides.
  • 2:30: Check in on DeShon Allen and watch some of the Starz of the Futures.
  • 2:45: Selfie with State Attorney Dave Aronberg
  • 2:55: Got a refill on ice tea – decided to go with marshmallow flavor.
  • 3:00: Ham Bone Express Pig Racing  – this doubles as a much needed time off my feet.
  • 3:30: Meet up with the wonderful Clint and Ginger.
  • 4:00 – 4:30: Designated time to play “I Got It”
  • 4:30 –  5:00: Shopping
  • 5:00 – 5:15: Talking to the guys at the model train set.
  • 5:17: Caught the LED Robots Laser show – very cool!
  • 5:30: Discover that “Swamp Water” is all the flavors of ice tea mixed together.
  • 5:45: “Dinner” time – corndogs, cheese fries, sausages – tried to work up the courage to go for a turkey leg. Was unsuccessful.
  • 6:30: Magical time at the fair – all the lights are on and the sun is setting (we’re back at the rides).
  • 7:00: Time for a family ride on the SkyLine – the fair is filling up!
  • 8:30: Try to make it too the Las Vegas on Ice show, but stop for an elephant ear and some deep fried Oreos, making us miss the show :(.
  • 8:45: One last ride.
  • 9:30: Leave Exhausted.

Well, that was our trip , most of it anyhow… somewhere we also manged to squeeze in a trip to Yesteryear Village, which is always fun.

This will be the last weekend of the fair so make sure you check out the events and head on out! It’s a blast.



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