The  always cynical New Times took all 38 cities in Palm Beach County and ranked them from Worst to Best.

West Palm Beach came in at #3.

Even though the article was mostly tounge in cheek I was exceptionally happy to see New Times name Clematis Street as the reason for West Palm Beach’s  “former geriatric sanctuary”.

3. West Palm Beach
Pro: Clematis has breathed fresh air into the lungs of the former geriatric sanctuary. West Palm Beach is now a city for the young as well as the ancient. No longer will waiters automatically start cutting your steak for you. Bye-bye, prune juice; hello, vodka tonics. Out with the adult diapers; in with the sexy lingerie!

Con: Yes, West Palm Beach now has a scene. An active one — vibrant, even. But once you journey outside the confines of Clematis, you are bound to find yourself driving past retirement complex after retirement complex — sprawling lots of early-bird specials and heated shuffleboard matches. West Palm Beach has formed a new identity, but its old identity is telling the new one to get the hell off its lawn.

Bottom Line: Once considered only a land of grandparents, West Palm Beach has developed a youthful side. It’s still probably where your grandparents live, but once you’re done having lunch with your MeMaw, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re wondering what #2 and #1 are it’s Lake Worth as #2 and Delray Beach as #1.

Read the full article here.