Would you represent Downtown as our next City Commissioner?

This is important – if you live in our downtown area, you need to read this. If you think that you are not the kind of person  that would run for a political office, it’s even more important that you read on.

Here’s the deal. Commissioner Mitchell who has represented downtown on the City Commission since 2002 has resigned to run for Mayor in March.  This means that the Commission seat for District 3 is up for grabs in the March, 2015 city elections. The term will only be one year until the next scheduled election in March of 2016.

District 3 consists of Downtown, The Historic North West neighborhoods, El Cid neighborhoods and some of the South End (see map below).

The reason why this is urgent is because qualification runs until January the 13th (next Tuesday) –  if someone does not step up before January 13th, then we will not have an election for our Commissioner.

One candidate has already qualified, we need at least one more to make this a race. That could be YOU!

West Palm Beach city commissioners make decisions on items which affect the entire city of West Palm Beach. Having a commissioner on the dais who has not been given a mandate by city voters, regardless of their qualifications or credentials, is a disservice to the citizens of West Palm Beach.

If you want to make a difference in the City of West Palm Beach, this as a huge opportunity! Even (especially) if you have never thought of running for a political office! This is also a great opportunity for the downtown community to rally around a fresh candidate who can bring new ideas and energy into city hall.

Here’s the map of the district. Any candidates would need to have lived in the district for 6 months.



If you’re interested in the process please feel free to drop me an email at awormus@gmail.com. If you know someone who you would vote for, please pass this on to them and urge them to get involved!

P.S. Please note that I live in District 5 – while I am heavily invested in the downtown area, I would not qualify for this seat.

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