Support Palm Beach Segway tours on Feb 10th and keep Segway’s on the Lake Trail

Palm Beach Segway tours is one of the small businesses that is based on Clematis Street that has been operating, incident free, for years and providing thousands of visitors and providing

The tour starts on Clematis Street, goes along the waterfront then over the bridge and down the lake trail in Palm Beach. Reportedly one person complained about the Segways and now the Town Council is discussing banning Segways from the trail.

On Feb.10th a possible Segway ban on Lake Trail will come up for a first vote at the Palm Beach City Hall.

Remember, before cars were introduced to the island, the first residents traveled the trails on “wheel chairs”.

Segways, “Wheel Chairs” technologically advanced successors, are the perfect way to showcase and enjoy the beautiful island of Palm Beach, and like to think that if Henry Flagler had a Segway at his disposal, he would be a fan.

If you want to give the Palm Beach Mayor and Town Council members a call or email and tell them your thoughts, here is their information.

  • Mayor Gail Coniglio – 561-644-0892 –
  • Councilman Bob Wildrick – 561-310-2893 or 561-844-0571 –
  • Councilman Bill Diamond – 561-427-3094 –;
  • Councilman Dick Klied – 561-234-0714 or 561-588-7631 –
  • Councilman Michael Pucillo – 561-236-6531 –
  • Councilwoman Penny Townsend – 561-307-0225 –

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