The people of SunFest – which are you?

It’s time for SunFest once again. The time at the end of April where Music and Art take over the West Palm Beach waterfront, and for five days everyone cuts loose and enjoys the largest waterfront music festival.

Whether you came to mosh with the headliners, or would prefer to bring your lawn-chairs and enjoy a low key local or independent band, you will find something that makes you smile.

The Music Lovers

SunFest headlines some of the biggest bands each year. A quick look down the list of artists that have played in recent years shows the breadth of talent available for the music lover.

If you know every word to songs by ZZ-Top (2010), Pennywise (2009), Steve Miller Band (2009, 2005, 1997) or one of the hundreds of other bands that have played in SunFest’s 33-year history, then you certainly qualify as a SunFest Music Lover.

IMG_20140501_203301-MOTION (1)

The Art Aficionados

At 5pm on Friday SunFest starts up The Juried Fine Art & Craft show. This show that stretches down Flagler drive features the work of more than 150 national and local artists. Their works include jewelry, painting, pottery & ceramics, photography, sculpture, wood, arts and crafts, and more.

The SunFest Art & Craft show is a great place to pick up unique pieces of art, and support local independent artists.


The Lawnchair Warriors

The Lawnchair warriors is a meta-category, which includes Art Aficionados some Music Lovers, and then some people who just enjoy being at Sunfest. Your chair may be on one of the great lawns, or in the shade of Flagler Drive, or set up 10-hours early to get the best view of the Sunday night fireworks!

You can choose to bring a chair with you (or choose not to), either way Sunfest is a great place to relax and enjoy the afternoon & early evening music. Grab a beer, or a frozen lemonade and enjoy watching the world go by.


The Barge Party people

For the Barge Party People it’s all about the party barges which are conveniently referred to as: the north, middle and south barges. Once the sun starts to set, the music gets cranked up to 11, and DJs & radio celebrities spin for hundreds of revelers on each of the barges.

I enjoy making fun of the barge crowd, but without fail, each SunFest I’ll find myself on the barge, and guess who else is there? Every single person I know! It’s really fun.

The party ends at 10pm. Thankfully, you’re a block away from Clematis Street where the party will continue at Roxy’s Rooftop, Monarchy, Camelot, Off the Hookah, and just about every other bar on Clematis.


Members of Club SunFest

Now if you’re thinking that SunFest sounds like a great time, but you would prefer a bit more comfort in your music festival experience, then you belong in Club Sunfest. Club SunFest is a way for serious SunFest fans to enjoy the Music and Art SunFest offers with the additional comfort of  private meals, access to a bar, and air-conditioned bathrooms.

Not only does the party happen during SunFest, but Club SunFest members  are treated to a Club SunFest Kickoff Happy Hour at Duffy’s PGA Blvd, as well as a March Happy Hour at Copper Blues West Palm Beach!

If this sounds like it is right up your alley, you’re out of luck as all the Club SunFest tickets are sold out. Set yourself a reminder and snap some Club SunFest tickets next year.

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Regardless of what brought you to SunFest – now that you’re here you’re one of the tens of thousands of the People of SunFest – Enjoy!


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